PROBE-IT benchmarking framework

Based on the fact that deploying IoT in large scale still encounters various issues both on technical and non technical dimensions, PROBE-IT designs a benchmarking framework aiming at providing Stakeholders with a decision making tools that allow them to make their reflective choice by having in hands elements to compare, evaluate and assess the actual benefit of IoT deployment.
This Benchmarking Framework retains four kinds of stakeholders:

  • Policy makers,
  • Service providers,
  • Technology providers
  • and Users and beneficiaries.

It is based on an open and comprehensive approach building a holistic taxonomy of IoT deployments: such taxonomy lists the areas of interest (benchmarking dimensions) together with their corresponding metrics from which meaningful indicators could be derived. Five main dimensions have been retained and additionally two horizontal dimensions have been taken into consideration to characterize and assess at a global level the deployments.

The purpose of this Benchmarking Framework is to allow persons willing to set their own benchmark to be able to select the dimensions and metrics of interest for their own purpose. Thus an open approach has been chosen by the project to welcome external contributions to the taxonomy, thus contributing to its sustainability.

Your contribution are welcomed !

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