IoT Interoperability Workshop

26th March 2012, Paris

The FP7 PROBE-IT project organized its first Internet of Things interoperability workshop. It gathered around 45 attendees with the aim to identify and debate on IoT interoperability issues and practices and to provide a 2012 action plan and recommendations in IERC deliverable to be published by end of 2012.


You could download the presentations made during the workshop:

1-Setting the scene P.Cousin . Probe-IT Project Manager , IERC AC4 coordinator.
2-keynote presentation: ETSI TC M2M , Olivier Hersent Activility CEO

1st part : Presentations of some IoT interoperability good practices

3- Experience from interop in Entreprise : Guy Doumeingts, Interop V-Lab
4- good practices in data interoperability. Pedro Malo Uninova
5 Good practices in protocol testing and interoperability – Prof Cesar Viho Univ Rennes

2nd part : what are the current interop issues in IoT and projects

6- IOT-A Interop challenges from architecture – Alex Bassi
7- OpenIoT interop challenges for Semantic Interoperability. Martin Serano
8- Interop issues and challenges from ICore perspective – Abdur Rahim
9- Interop issues and challenges from Butler perspective – Gurgen Leven
10- Interop issues and challenges from Calipso perspective – Jeremie Legay

3rd : Overall discussion for 2012 actions plan and recommendations

11- Iot@Work
12 –IoT6 Sebastien Ziegler, Antonio F Skarmeta
15-IoTest Payam Barnaghi
16- IoT conformance validation framework, Sebastian Müller