IoT World meets in Brazil, a success with over 170 attendees! (23-24 May 2013, Sao Paolo)

PROBE-IT and the Forum de competitividade de IoT  organised a 4 days meet-up in Brazil on Internet-of-Things technologies interoperability, benchmarking, roadmapping, development, business and interdisciplinarity.

IoT Interop Plugtest: RFID Case - 21-23 May 2013 in Campinas

At the CPqD facilities  held the Interoperability Plugtest (Interop), jointly organized by CPqD, ETSI and the PROBE-IT project. The plugtest focus on the RFID technology and during these two days, 3 different scenarios will be exercised, e.g. Comparative performance of FHSS (used in Brazil) and 4 channel plans (proposed by ETSI); Analysis of interference between RFID and GSM; Performance evaluation of the RFDI technology in logistics using door portals and conveyors

Workshop IoT: Today, Tomorrow and Way Forward - 23 May 2013 in São Paulo / IoT-A Meet-Up Tutorial/Workshop - 24 May 2013 in São Paulo

The event was a success with over 170 attendees !


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