Webinar for “Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability

Can we understand and process all information?

Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability Meeting

Getting information (e.g. Big Data) and process them is already a challenge but which represent a huge potential in many areas such as transport, energy, environment, health, etc. There are for instance many success stories of processing info as coming from IoT (Internet of things) for many applications in Smart Cities. But data can be useless if we cannot “understand” them. Semantic annotation is usually attached to data but there are many ways of doing it and therefore we could run new serious interoperability problem. Interoperability is a hottest issue challenging the Internet of Things and the high demands for interconnecting heterogeneous objects (systems, components, etc.). This event aims to address the semantic aspect of IoT interoperability in particular domain modelling and knowledge representation.
The IoT semantic interoperability webiner is the first on-line opportunity to provide basic knowledge on semantic interoperability, build ontologies, and exchange experiences. The targeted audience of this event are participants with knowledge on ontologies, semantic web technologies, data modelling and knowledge engineering; however this interoperability event is open to all public who is interested in discovering semantic interoperability.


14:00 -14:45 – IoT Semantic Tutorial: Designing Semantic models for IoT (Martin Serrano, DERI Galway)
Knowledge engineering methodology IoT domain modelling:

  • IoT service modelling (IoT-A and IoT.est and OpenIoT Ontologies)
  • Sensor and sensor networks (W3C SSN Ontology)
  • Linked sensor data platforms
14:45-15:30 – Practices on Semantics and Semantic model Interoperability (Gilbert Cassar, University of Surrey)  
  • Introduction on ontology engineering tools: semantic interoperability checking tools
15:30-16:00 – Coffee / Lunch Break
16:00-18:00 – Hands on Semantics and Semantic Model Interoperability (Gilbert Cassar, University of Surrey)
 Introduction on ontology engineering tools Practice with ontology tools:

  • Ontology development with Protégé
  • Ontology interoperability tool


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