IoT Interoperability Workshop, August 22nd 2013, Beijing Science Park

PROBE-IT organized IoT Interoperability Workshop in the afternoon of August 22nd, 2013 in Beijing China, as one of the workshops of IEEE iThings 2013/ CPSCom 2013, over 70 participants attended the workshop and had active discussion on IoT Interoperability.

The workshop was hosted by CATR and BUPT. Shirley Zhang from CATR gave the welcome and keynote speech. The workshop covered different levels of Interoperability, including technical Interoperability and semantic Interoperability. Philippe.cousin, as IERC AC4 coordinator and PROBE-IT project manager, talked about best practices of Interoperability from STANDARDS – TESTS – TOOLS point of view. In technical Interoperability session, Xiaohong Huang from BUPT and Junfeng Ma from CATR summarized 6lowpan-CoAP Report from interop event, and the research progress of 6LoWPAN protocol test in China. In semantic Interoperability session, 3 speakers shared their study and opinion on semantic Interoperability. Pedro Maló introduced data interoperability, Chengsheng from BUPT shared the research and practice on Web of Things, Michele Nati from Surrey analyzed semantics for IoT resources and data, and open some issue for further discussion

PROBE-IT project was also an achievement of EU-China cooperation, the cooperation between EU and China has long history. ECIAO project is an example of new cooperation project, Martin Potts as project coordinator and Xu Guibao as the Chinese project manager co-presented the project information and encourage future Internet common activities and opportunities.

Since IoT has became quite hot topic in China, the interoperability can help IoT industry reduce the barriers and increase market participants, reduce R & D costs of the IOT companies. The participants shown strong interest in IoT interoperability and had active discussion online and offline, the workshop successfully established the contact between EU and China experts and industry. Since the trend of interoperabilty evolve towards an “intelligent interoperability”, moving from low layers to upper layer and semantic, the semantic Interoperability will be the common interested point and be further discussed.


13:30 – 14:00 Welcome – Keynote speech , Ms.Xueli Zhang, CATR.

14:00-14:20 Plug’n Play Interoperability for Large-Scale Heterogeneous IoT , Pedro Malo Simple, X, Y  projects

14:20-14:40 Technical Interopability 6LoWPAN Report for Interop Event , Ms.Xiaohong Huang , BUPT

14:40-15:00 Overall IoT interoperability issues best practices , Philippe Cousin IERC, Probe-IT, Smart Action

15:00-15:20 6LoWPAN -The Research Progress of 6LoWPAN Protocol Test in China , Mr. MA Junfeng,CATR

15:20-15:40 Web of Things – The progress in Research & Practice on Web of Things Related Area in China , Mr. Chengsheng, BUPT

16:00-16h20 Semantic Interoperability , Michele Nati Surrey

16h20-16h40 ECIAO – EU China Coorperation project ECIAO , Martin Potts ECIAO Project