One-day meet-up on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Semantic Interoperability (Nairobi, Kenya)

PROBE-IT is pleased to invite you to a one-day meet-up on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Semantic Interoperability at Sarova Stanley Hotel , Nairobi, Kenya on September 26th, 2013.


The one day meet-up will run two parallel events: a half-day workshop on Internet of Things in Africa and a full-day event on Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability.

A half-day Workshop on Internet of Things in Africa
(Afternoon Session: 14h:00-18h:00)

This workshop overviews the status of IoT worldwide deployments, presents some real use cases from European and African experiences showing how such a technology could address societal and economic challenges in Africa.

  Registration for the workshop is required.

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A full-day Event on Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability
(Morning Session: 9h:00-12h:30 & Afternoon Session: 14h:00-18h:00)

The IoT semantic interoperability event will discuss practical issues about ontology development/matching and sensor data collection/processing and address semantics interoperability for distributed sensor networks and big data.
The targeted audience of this event are participants with knowledge on ontologies, semantic web technologies, data modeling and knowledge engineering; however this interoperability event is open to all public who is interested in discovering semantic interoperability. The event will not provide only best practices and tutorial but will also organize interoperability exercises where participants are expected to bring their own ontologies and information and will have to possibility to be compared to state of the art techniques to measure their level of interoperability.

Registration for the Interop event is required.

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For more details about the programme, please download the full agenda: (EuroAfrica-ICT_Workshop_Kenya_Agenda)

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Please note the registration for the workshop and interoperability event has to be done in separate links.