IoT workshop & Interoperability China 20-23 August Beijing

6LoWPAN Interoperability Testing China Event will be held on August 20th to 21st.

After the 1st 6LoWPAN worldwide PlugTest event at IETF Berlin end July, Chinese and other international participants will have chance to check the status of their 6LoWPAN implementations towards the latest test specifications.

The 6LoWPAN Interoperability Testing 2013 China Event is organized by PROBE-IT. The two-day event will be held on August 20th to 21st in Beijing.

The event is supported by ETSI and IERC.

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Note that the events will also take place during the same period :

iThings 2013 is the next edition of the successful series, previously held as iThings 2012 (Be-sancon, France), iThings 2011 (Dalian, China), IOTS 2010 (Hangzhou, China), MINES 2009 (Hangzhou, China), and MINES 2008 (Chengdu, Chi-na).

IoT Interoperability Workshop, in Park Plaza Beijing Science Park.