IoT Interop Plugtest: RFID Case – 21-23 May 2013 in Campinas

The FP7 PROBE-IT project organized the RFID Interoperability test event on May 21st to 23nd, at the CPqD facilities, jointly operated by CPqD and ETSI. The plugtest focused on the RFID technology and observing 4 different scenarios:

  • i) Comparative performance of FHSS (used in Brazil) and 4 channel plan;
  • ii) Comparison of mitigation techniques for a simulated installation using firstly DAA (Detect And Avoid) and secondly FHSS;
  • iii) Analysis of the interference between RFID and GSM;
  • iv) Performance evaluation of RFDI technology in logistics using door portals and conveyors.

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