Workshop IoT: Today, Tomorrow and Way Forward – 23 May 2013 in São Paulo

On May 23rd, at the Faculty of Medicine will be held the Workshop IoT: Today, Tomorrow and Way Forward, where European experts, practitioners, Brazilian companies and academia will discuss issues related to the Internet-of-Things. Participants will observe elements of current status of IoT focusing on benchmarking of existing IoT deployments worldwide and then foresee the future of IoT via roadmaps addressing especially technological aspects (e.g. Architectures, Interoperability, etc.) and socio-economic dimension (e.g. Business Models, User Acceptance, Privacy, etc.). Additionally, will be presented some mechanism – at different levels, Global, European and Brazilian – to support the IoT move forward. Also, CPqD will do a presentation about Interop plugtest event results.

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9:30 Opening Session of the Workshop on IoT: Today, Tomorrow and Way Forwards’

Including a short communication by a federal/state representative and a keynote speech by an acclaimed practitioner from Brazil.

10:45 IoT Today

Benchmark Framework: Presentation of the PROBE-IT Benchmarking framework as a decision-making tool for stakeholders to compare, evaluate and assess the actual benefit of IoT deployment.
Sophie Vallet Chevillard. inno TSD (France)

IoT Benchmarks and Roadmaps for South America: Presentation of the iRIoT approach to build scenarios and realistic roadmaps for the deployment of innovative IoT applications and services including the presentation of reference cases in Brazil, South America, India and Korea.
Prof. Amazonas. University of São Paulo (Brazil)

IBM’s Approach to Build a Smarter Planet: Pervasive Instrumentation & Analytics

Fernando Siqueira, IBM Sales Team (Brazil) & Luís von Glehn, IBM Client Center Team (Brazi


13:30 IoT Tomorrow

 IoT Roadmaps: Presentation of future views for IoT looking at roadmaps focusing especially on Architectures, Interoperability, Business Models and Regulations/Human-Factors.
Pedro Maló. Uninova / FCT-UNL (Portugal)

Big Data – Presentation of the future of IoT looking to the impact it can generate in the Big Data. Its capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis.
Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior. USP (Brazil)

Butler 2020, User story: Presentation of the future of IoT by looking at user story from BUTLER project highlighting smart-life use cases in 2020, enabled by Internet-of-Things technologies.
Bertrand Copigneaux. inno TSD (France)

Future Perspectives Brazil: Presentation of future perspectives of Internet-of-Things in Brazil outlining IoT uses and applications of the future, IoT technologies to-be developed and researched, etc.
Fernando Claro. SEAL – Vice President (Brazil)

15:15 IoT Way Foward

IoT International Forum: Presentation of the IoT International Forum as a one-stop shop for actors to come together from both the global IoT community and from domains which could benefit from IoT.
Alex Bassi. Alessandro Bassi Consulting (Italy)

Worldwide Standardization: Presentation of future of Internet-of-Things by looking at Standardization and Interoperability aspects of technology for global expansion and massification of IoT solutions.
John Falk. ETSI ERM TG34 Chairman (UK)

IoT Council: What will really happen when things, homes and cities become smart? Probably be an tsunami of what at first looks like very small steps, small changes. The purpose of Council is to forecast what will happen when smart objects surround us in smart homes, offices, streets, and cities.
Rob van Kranenburg. Waag Fellow (Netherlands)

IoT Interop: RFID Case, Outcomes: Presentation of the results of the IoT Interoperability event (RFID case) focusing on the expectations, results, lessons learned from experiments and future actions and activities.
Tania Regina Tronco. CPqD (Brazil)

16:45 Closing panel

To debate the Challenges, Opportunities and Collaborations for Europe and Brazil on the Internet-of-Things domains, hosted by theBrazilian IoT Competitiveness Forum and having key persons from Europe and Brazil on Internet-of-Things and related domains.

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Venue and Registration

Come to share your views on IoT interoperability issues and practices !

Venue: Faculdade de Medicina Av. Dr. Arnaldo, 455 São Paulo Metro Station (Clinica)

Eventbrite - IoT World in Brazil