Second Semantic Interoperability Event

In relation with IERC AC4 follow-up activities, particularly on “Semantic Interoperability” and as result of the successful IERC AC4 workshops in Paris (March 2012), Venice (June 2012), Mandelieu (October 2012) and according with IERC AC4 planned activities, we are glad to invite you in the next:

IERC AC4 Workshop/Meeting, on April 15th, 2013,

Can your “IoT world” talk and understand other IoT worlds?

at the University of Surrey (UniS), Guilford, UK.

Co-located with 19th European Wireless Conference (EWC) 2013

This time participants and delegates from flagship EU projects on IoT and attendees will run a full day event focused on practical issues about ontology matching and sensor data processing/collection and addressing interoperability issues for distributed sensor data environments, with discussions on semantics, interoperability and data exchange. As in previous IERC AC4 editions the contributions and outcomes from the meeting will be included on the IERC-AC4 manifesto/white paper on Semantic Interoperability

Eventbrite - Second Semantic Interoperability Event



For more details about the programme, please download the full agenda:

Workshop part (Morning Session: 9h00-11h00)


  • Follow up on IERC AC4 activities related to service openness and interoperability
  • Discussions on data modeling and representation, specific sensor data exchange and interoperability methods
  • Discuss standardization in semantics in particular liaison with ETSI M2M/oneM2M
  • Agree on dates for next meetings


09:00 – 4th IERC AC4 Semantic Interoperability Workshop – Introduction
Martin Serrano, DERI NUI Galway, Ireland.

09:30 – Open Discussion 1 “Building your own Ontology”
Payam Barnaghi, Martin Serrano, Philippe Cousin

10:00 – Open Discussion 2 “W3C SSN-XG Ontology : Advantages and Limitations”
Payam Barnaghi, UniS, Guilford, U.K.

Interoperability event part: (Mid-Afternoon Session: 11h00-18:00)


  • From preparation organized prior to the events, projects’ partners who have their work in semantics such as their own ontologies or only data sets will be invited to understand other project’s environment leading to demonstrate some level of semantic “interoperability”.
  • Interoperability through common understanding can be demonstrated at semantic level (semantic matching) or data level (data aggregation).
  • Exchange experience, built ontologies, adapt data to a given data model/schema


Coordinator: Gilbert Cassar

13:30 – SEMANTIC INTEROPERABLITY PART II, Sensor Data Processing
Coordinator: Martin Serrano

15:30 – SEMANTIC INTEROPERABLITY PART III, Sensor Parameter Modeling
Coordinator: Gilbert Cassar

17:00 – Towards define best practices for semantic interoperability: Standardizations
Martin Serrano

17:45- Summary and closing session

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The interoperability event is addressed for participants with knowledge on ontologies, semantic web technologies, data modeling and knowledge engineering; however this interoperability event is open to all public, to whom in such case, it is advisable to attend the workshop part (Morning session).

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Eventbrite - Second Semantic Interoperability Event

Please pass this invitation to who correspond in terms of your project development and technical experience and/or to your project representatives on semantics and/or interoperability.

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Preparation for attending the event will be organized in a teleconference scheduled 22 march at 15:00. Pencil your agenda!

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