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Webinar for “Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability

Can we understand and process all information?

Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability Meeting

Getting information (e.g. Big Data) and process them is already a challenge but which represent a huge potential in many areas such as transport, energy, environment, health, etc. There are for instance many success stories of processing info as coming from IoT (Internet of things) for many applications in Smart Cities. But data can be useless if we cannot “understand” them. Semantic annotation is usually attached to data but there are many ways of doing it and therefore we could run new serious interoperability problem. Interoperability is a hottest issue challenging the Internet of Things and the high demands for interconnecting heterogeneous objects (systems, components, etc.). This event aims to address the semantic aspect of IoT interoperability in particular domain modelling and knowledge representation.
The IoT semantic interoperability webiner is the first on-line opportunity to provide basic knowledge on semantic interoperability, build ontologies, and exchange experiences. The targeted audience of this event are participants with knowledge on ontologies, semantic web technologies, data modelling and knowledge engineering; however this interoperability event is open to all public who is interested in discovering semantic interoperability.


14:00 -14:45 – IoT Semantic Tutorial: Designing Semantic models for IoT (Martin Serrano, DERI Galway)
Knowledge engineering methodology IoT domain modelling:

  • IoT service modelling (IoT-A and IoT.est and OpenIoT Ontologies)
  • Sensor and sensor networks (W3C SSN Ontology)
  • Linked sensor data platforms
14:45-15:30 – Practices on Semantics and Semantic model Interoperability (Gilbert Cassar, University of Surrey)  
  • Introduction on ontology engineering tools: semantic interoperability checking tools
15:30-16:00 – Coffee / Lunch Break
16:00-18:00 – Hands on Semantics and Semantic Model Interoperability (Gilbert Cassar, University of Surrey)
 Introduction on ontology engineering tools Practice with ontology tools:

  • Ontology development with Protégé
  • Ontology interoperability tool


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Successful 6LoWPAN Plugtest Event in China, August 20-21, 2013

A 6LoWPAN plugtest event, organized by the Probe-IT project, and supported by ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) was successfully held in Beijing, China on August 20-21, 2013.

6LoWPAN is a new innovation technology to apply Internet Protocol version 6 to the IoT devices. It is a standard from the IETF, which optimizes IPv6 for use with low-power, low-bandwidth communication technologies such as IEEE 802.15.4. China started its national plan to promote Next Generation Internet and its core protocol IPv6 since 2003, so 6LoWPAN technology attracts much attention in China when it was proposed.

This event brought together 6LoWPAN vendors to evaluate the interoperability of their products and to validate their understanding of the base specifications. The event will also provide useful feedback to enhance the standardization. The feature tested in the plugtest event includes 29 cases on Header Compression, Neighbor Discovery and Frame Format.

This event was hosted by BUPT and CATR on behalf of Probe-IT project. This event was attended by 7 companies and research organizations testing 6LoWPAN host and router implementations from mainland and Hong Kong, China, including SmeshLink, Ningbo Institute of Information Technology Application of CAS, Tsinghua University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Hong Kong Polytechnic University/ Harbin Institute of Technology, Wang Rui Da Tech and Hitachi (China) Research & Development Corporation.

After two days interoperability testing, this event turned to be a successful 6LoWPAN interoperability testing event by demonstrating need for Interoperability testing in 6LoWPAN products, need for such event in future and interest to continue the discussion on interoperability testing.


IoT Interoperability Workshop, August 22nd 2013, Beijing Science Park

PROBE-IT organized IoT Interoperability Workshop in the afternoon of August 22nd, 2013 in Beijing China, as one of the workshops of IEEE iThings 2013/ CPSCom 2013, over 70 participants attended the workshop and had active discussion on IoT Interoperability.

The workshop was hosted by CATR and BUPT. Shirley Zhang from CATR gave the welcome and keynote speech. The workshop covered different levels of Interoperability, including technical Interoperability and semantic Interoperability. Philippe.cousin, as IERC AC4 coordinator and PROBE-IT project manager, talked about best practices of Interoperability from STANDARDS – TESTS – TOOLS point of view. In technical Interoperability session, Xiaohong Huang from BUPT and Junfeng Ma from CATR summarized 6lowpan-CoAP Report from interop event, and the research progress of 6LoWPAN protocol test in China. In semantic Interoperability session, 3 speakers shared their study and opinion on semantic Interoperability. Pedro Maló introduced data interoperability, Chengsheng from BUPT shared the research and practice on Web of Things, Michele Nati from Surrey analyzed semantics for IoT resources and data, and open some issue for further discussion

PROBE-IT project was also an achievement of EU-China cooperation, the cooperation between EU and China has long history. ECIAO project is an example of new cooperation project, Martin Potts as project coordinator and Xu Guibao as the Chinese project manager co-presented the project information and encourage future Internet common activities and opportunities.

Since IoT has became quite hot topic in China, the interoperability can help IoT industry reduce the barriers and increase market participants, reduce R & D costs of the IOT companies. The participants shown strong interest in IoT interoperability and had active discussion online and offline, the workshop successfully established the contact between EU and China experts and industry. Since the trend of interoperabilty evolve towards an “intelligent interoperability”, moving from low layers to upper layer and semantic, the semantic Interoperability will be the common interested point and be further discussed.


13:30 – 14:00 Welcome – Keynote speech , Ms.Xueli Zhang, CATR.

14:00-14:20 Plug’n Play Interoperability for Large-Scale Heterogeneous IoT , Pedro Malo Simple, X, Y  projects

14:20-14:40 Technical Interopability 6LoWPAN Report for Interop Event , Ms.Xiaohong Huang , BUPT

14:40-15:00 Overall IoT interoperability issues best practices , Philippe Cousin IERC, Probe-IT, Smart Action

15:00-15:20 6LoWPAN -The Research Progress of 6LoWPAN Protocol Test in China , Mr. MA Junfeng,CATR

15:20-15:40 Web of Things – The progress in Research & Practice on Web of Things Related Area in China , Mr. Chengsheng, BUPT

16:00-16h20 Semantic Interoperability , Michele Nati Surrey

16h20-16h40 ECIAO – EU China Coorperation project ECIAO , Martin Potts ECIAO Project

One-day meet-up on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Semantic Interoperability (Nairobi, Kenya)

PROBE-IT is pleased to invite you to a one-day meet-up on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Semantic Interoperability at Sarova Stanley Hotel , Nairobi, Kenya on September 26th, 2013.


The one day meet-up will run two parallel events: a half-day workshop on Internet of Things in Africa and a full-day event on Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability.

A half-day Workshop on Internet of Things in Africa
(Afternoon Session: 14h:00-18h:00)

This workshop overviews the status of IoT worldwide deployments, presents some real use cases from European and African experiences showing how such a technology could address societal and economic challenges in Africa.

  Registration for the workshop is required.

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A full-day Event on Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability
(Morning Session: 9h:00-12h:30 & Afternoon Session: 14h:00-18h:00)

The IoT semantic interoperability event will discuss practical issues about ontology development/matching and sensor data collection/processing and address semantics interoperability for distributed sensor networks and big data.
The targeted audience of this event are participants with knowledge on ontologies, semantic web technologies, data modeling and knowledge engineering; however this interoperability event is open to all public who is interested in discovering semantic interoperability. The event will not provide only best practices and tutorial but will also organize interoperability exercises where participants are expected to bring their own ontologies and information and will have to possibility to be compared to state of the art techniques to measure their level of interoperability.

Registration for the Interop event is required.

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For more details about the programme, please download the full agenda: (EuroAfrica-ICT_Workshop_Kenya_Agenda)

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Should you require further queries, contact us at or Sofiene Sghaier at


Please note the registration for the workshop and interoperability event has to be done in separate links.


IoT 6lowpan Interoperability

Probe-IT together with ETSI is organizing the 1st 6LoWPAN Interop event (Plugtests) in Berlin, Germany on 27 and 28 July 2013 with the support of IPSO Alliance and IPV6 Forum. This event will be co-located with the 87th IETF meeting (28 July – 02 August 2013).


The 6LoWPAN is a key component building the future “Internet of Things” where smart objects become IP enabled and are form an integral part of the Internet.

The 6LoWPAN interoperability event will focus on the conformance and interoperability of the IETF 6LoWPAN standards.

This interoperability event will assess the interoperability of different 6LoWPAN implementations focusing on Header Compression (RFC 6282), Neighbour Discovery (RFC 6775) and Frame Format.

The testing will be run on the following setups:

•  IEEE 802.15.4-2006 2.4 GHz

•  IEEE 802.15.4g 868 MHz

• Other PHY/MAC combinations possible if the participants bring their own test interface equipment (please contact the organizers)


Details and registration can be done at


IST-Africa May 2013 Conferencee, Nairobi (Kenya)

- This event is past: please check our forthcoming event at: One-day meet-up on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Semantic Interoperability (Nairobi, Kenya) -

Delegates from PROBE-IT hosted a workshop in the framework of the IST-Africa conference in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop aimed to increase awareness in  African stakeholders relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential role in shaping the world and boosting the economy. Through a “Birds of a Feather”  (BoF) session held as part of the workshop, the attendees discussed the IoT opportunities and challenges from an African perspective.

Sofiene Sghaier (CERT, Tunisia)- chair of the workshop – opened  by introducing the objectives of the workshop, the speakers and  the agenda. Louis Coetzee (CSIR Meraka, South Africa) then introduced IoT. He presented the societal and technological challenges that we currently face in an evolving word. He emphasized the importance and potential of IoT in addressing those needs and challenges. He presented some international examples of IoT applications and their benefits, and concluded with the potential challenges and open issues relating to IoT. Hend Ben Hadji (CERT, Tunisia) gave a presentation on IoT uptake in Africa. She presented IoT initiatives that have been launched in different application domains across Africa. These domains included smart environments, smart farming, smart logistics, smart buildings, etc. She presented on the current IoT uptake in Africa. Sofiene Sghaier continued by presenting the PROBE-IT project and the main challenges (expected outcomes) from the project. He then opened the BoF. The following questions where used as guide to lead the discussions in the BoF:

  • What are the initiatives in Africa?
  • Status of IoT Research in Africa?
  • What are the opportunities for Africa?
  • General African experiences

–        What are the main drivers?

–        Experiences, projects, success stories?

–        What are the potential challenges?


The attendees were very active in the BoF. Significant insights were gained from comments from the participants and the ensuing discussions.

To conclude the BoF a brief summary on the discussions was presented. The planned Kenyan Interop during September was presented. In addition, flyers for the  Interop event were distributed.

The BoF was an excellent opportunity to share and understand African experiences, projects, and initiatives in IoT domain (see BoF notes). The number of African attendees was about 13. The timing of the event was slightly unfortunate (the last session of the conference itself). This influenced the number of attendees. However, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, and European counties (e.g. France) were represented. From the attendees three people communicated their interest in participating in the next “Interoperability event in Africa”.

The workshop and accompanying BoF were successful. Feedback from participants indicated that the workshop and the BoF was one of the most useful sessions in the conference.

IoT workshop & Interoperability China 20-23 August Beijing

6LoWPAN Interoperability Testing China Event will be held on August 20th to 21st.

After the 1st 6LoWPAN worldwide PlugTest event at IETF Berlin end July, Chinese and other international participants will have chance to check the status of their 6LoWPAN implementations towards the latest test specifications.

The 6LoWPAN Interoperability Testing 2013 China Event is organized by PROBE-IT. The two-day event will be held on August 20th to 21st in Beijing.

The event is supported by ETSI and IERC.

For detailed information, please visit the official website:

Note that the events will also take place during the same period :

iThings 2013 is the next edition of the successful series, previously held as iThings 2012 (Be-sancon, France), iThings 2011 (Dalian, China), IOTS 2010 (Hangzhou, China), MINES 2009 (Hangzhou, China), and MINES 2008 (Chengdu, Chi-na).

IoT Interoperability Workshop, in Park Plaza Beijing Science Park.


Interoperability event and Workshop in São Paulo & Campinas 21-24 may 2013

PROBE-IT and the Forum de competitividade de IoT are pleased to invite you to a 4 days meet-up in Brazil on Internet-of-Things technologies interoperability, benchmarking, roadmapping, development, business and interdisciplinarity

Internet of Things IoT World meets in Brazil

  • IoT Interop Plugtest: RFID Case - 21-23 May 2013 in Campinas

At the CPqD facilities will be held the Interoperability Plugtest (Interop), jointly organized by CPqD, ETSI and the PROBE-IT project. The plugtest will focus on the RFID technology and during these two days, 3 different scenarios will be exercised, e.g. Comparative performance of FHSS (used in Brazil) and 4 channel plans (proposed by ETSI); Analysis of interference between RFID and GSM; Performance evaluation of the RFDI technology in logistics using door portals and conveyors.

More information

  • Workshop IoT: Today, Tomorrow and Way Forward - 23 May 2013 in São Paulo

European experts and practitioners, Brazilian companies and academia will discuss issues related to the Internet-of-Things. Participants will observe elements of current status of IoT focusing on benchmarking of existing IoT deployments worldwide and then foresee the future of IoT via roadmaps addressing especially technological aspects (e.g. Architectures, Interoperability, etc.) and socio-economic dimension (e.g. Business Models, User Acceptance, Privacy, etc.). Additionally, will be presented some mechanism – at different levels, Global, European and Brazilian – to support the IoT move forward. Also, CPqD will do a presentation about Interop plugtest event results.

More information, agenda and registration
Please register before 17th of May here.

  • IoT-A Meet-Up Tutorial/Workshop - 24 May 2013 in São Paulo

Experts from the European IoT-A project will lead the IoT-A Meet-up tutorial/workshop in which the state-of-art in terms of IoT architectures, reference, domain, information, communication, functional models, use cases and best practices.
In addition, a panel on open-source/bottom-up/hacker, artistic and design will be formed with European experts and researchers from the USP’s iRIoT and Cidade do Conhecimento initiatives.

More information

  • IoT Demonstrations, 22-24 May 2013 in São Paulo

During the workshops and also co-located with the bi-annual meeting of ANSP (Academic Network at São Paulo) at the Faculty of Medicine facilities, from May 22nd-24th, a set of Internet-of-Things Demos will be performed exhibiting outstanding solutions and applications of IoT technologies. Demonstrations are to be performed by IoT practitioners from key European and Brazilian IoT-related projects and local Brazilian enterprises that are exploring IoT for supporting smart-applications.


 In cooperation with

Second Semantic Interoperability Event

In relation with IERC AC4 follow-up activities, particularly on “Semantic Interoperability” and as result of the successful IERC AC4 workshops in Paris (March 2012), Venice (June 2012), Mandelieu (October 2012) and according with IERC AC4 planned activities, we are glad to invite you in the next:

IERC AC4 Workshop/Meeting, on April 15th, 2013,

Can your “IoT world” talk and understand other IoT worlds?

at the University of Surrey (UniS), Guilford, UK.

Co-located with 19th European Wireless Conference (EWC) 2013

This time participants and delegates from flagship EU projects on IoT and attendees will run a full day event focused on practical issues about ontology matching and sensor data processing/collection and addressing interoperability issues for distributed sensor data environments, with discussions on semantics, interoperability and data exchange. As in previous IERC AC4 editions the contributions and outcomes from the meeting will be included on the IERC-AC4 manifesto/white paper on Semantic Interoperability

Eventbrite - Second Semantic Interoperability Event



For more details about the programme, please download the full agenda:

Workshop part (Morning Session: 9h00-11h00)


  • Follow up on IERC AC4 activities related to service openness and interoperability
  • Discussions on data modeling and representation, specific sensor data exchange and interoperability methods
  • Discuss standardization in semantics in particular liaison with ETSI M2M/oneM2M
  • Agree on dates for next meetings


09:00 – 4th IERC AC4 Semantic Interoperability Workshop – Introduction
Martin Serrano, DERI NUI Galway, Ireland.

09:30 – Open Discussion 1 “Building your own Ontology”
Payam Barnaghi, Martin Serrano, Philippe Cousin

10:00 – Open Discussion 2 “W3C SSN-XG Ontology : Advantages and Limitations”
Payam Barnaghi, UniS, Guilford, U.K.

Interoperability event part: (Mid-Afternoon Session: 11h00-18:00)


  • From preparation organized prior to the events, projects’ partners who have their work in semantics such as their own ontologies or only data sets will be invited to understand other project’s environment leading to demonstrate some level of semantic “interoperability”.
  • Interoperability through common understanding can be demonstrated at semantic level (semantic matching) or data level (data aggregation).
  • Exchange experience, built ontologies, adapt data to a given data model/schema


Coordinator: Gilbert Cassar

13:30 – SEMANTIC INTEROPERABLITY PART II, Sensor Data Processing
Coordinator: Martin Serrano

15:30 – SEMANTIC INTEROPERABLITY PART III, Sensor Parameter Modeling
Coordinator: Gilbert Cassar

17:00 – Towards define best practices for semantic interoperability: Standardizations
Martin Serrano

17:45- Summary and closing session

Confirm your venue

The interoperability event is addressed for participants with knowledge on ontologies, semantic web technologies, data modeling and knowledge engineering; however this interoperability event is open to all public, to whom in such case, it is advisable to attend the workshop part (Morning session).

Registration for this event is required

Eventbrite - Second Semantic Interoperability Event

Please pass this invitation to who correspond in terms of your project development and technical experience and/or to your project representatives on semantics and/or interoperability.

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Preparation for attending the event will be organized in a teleconference scheduled 22 march at 15:00. Pencil your agenda!

Contact details:

Important: In order to get all the information related with the IERC AC4 track, on semantic interoperability, subscribe yourself at the distribution list by sending an email at <> from the email address you want to get subscribed indicating in the subject Line: subscribe Firstname Name and leave the message body in blank.
For instance: subscribe Martin Serrano

PROBE-IT workshops and interoperability events 2013 programme in EU, Brazil, Africa

PROBE-IT is carrying out a ide range of workshops and interoperability events for 2013 in EU, Brazil, Africa, China.

Future Event 2013

The programme entails the following opportunities: